Become a part of the IFree Network, in partnership with Reflict!


IFree Network have great opportunities. No network will offer you the same!


We Don't Lock You In, You come and go anytime you want

Daily Payments

Pay out the money whenever you want, Even every day!


We support Paypal and Wire Transfer for payments.

Free Music Library

Copyright free music for you to use on your video's. Thousands of songs by some of the greatest artists.

100% Ownership Of Content

Through us you will always keep 100% ownership of all your online media, you don’t sign away any rights with us.

Referral Links

You will automatically be given a Referral link in your Dashboard. Invite friends and get 10% of channel revenue!


Reflict Creator Dashboard

Clean. Intuitive. Responsive. It’s a work of art.

Youtube Partnership

We accept all type of content: Gaming, Music, Vlog, Beauty, Comedy..
Youtube Partnership For Everyone!

Big and Small Channels

For us, most important is the quality of your content and not the size of your channel.

Pay out whenever you want!

Reflict Payment

From Now, You don't need to wait 30/45/60 days for payment, Pay out the money whenever you want, Even every day!

Join the Best Youtube Network!

iFree Network
33 views a day (1,000 per month)

Alternative Youtube Partnership Network

Alternative Youtube Network

We also offer you other Youtube network - Sponsorships, GFX templates, Channel tools, Dailymotion and Hitbox Partnerships and much more, check out this amazing network!

List of Best Youtube Networks

Top 4 Youtube Network of 2017!


  • Contract Length: No lock-in
  • Requirements: 1,000 views
  • Revenue Share: 70%
  • Payment Term: NET1!


  • Contract Length: No lock-in
  • Requirements: 9k views
  • Revenue Share: 70%
  • Payment Term: NET45


  • Contract Length: No lock-in
  • Requirements: No Copyright
  • Revenue Share: 60-95%
  • Payment Term: NET60


  • Contract Length: No lock-in
  • Requirements: No Requirements
  • Revenue Share: 80%
  • Payment Term: NET30

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