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iFree Network

What Is A YouTube Network?

MCNs are organizations that partner with YouTube channels (and possibly other video sharing platforms) to offer services to contracted content creators. These services may include digital rights management, monetization, target audience development, cross-promoting, funding, product development, brand sponsorship collaborations, and additional influencer marketing opportunities.

YouTube MCNs offer their services with the agreement to receive a negotiated percentage of revenues generated from the ads and sponsorships of the YouTube influencer's channel(s). By creating content management system (CMS) profiles on video platforms and adding their contracted users to the CMS, multi-channel networks aim to minimize the difficulty involved with advertising, producing/editing videos, and building an audience.

YouTube MCNs can be beneficial for all parties - YouTubers, the MCN, and advertisers - if properly monetized and well-structured. Still, it is important for YouTube influencers to read and fully comprehend the contractual fine print before signing with an MCN. With this in mind, joining an MCN can provide possible benefits that may not be easily attainable for solo content creators.

ZoonimTV Network

ZoominTv Network Review

Contract Length: No lock-in
Channel Types: All types
Requirements: 9k views
Perks: Audio Micro Library, Epidemic Sounds & Game Referral Program
Revenue Share: 70%
Payment Methods: PayPal, Bank transfer, Payza and Western Union
Min. payout: 1$ for Paypal and Payza & $150 for Bank transfer and Western Union
Payment Term: NET45 is one the largest network out there. Based in netherlands, these guys also own a major TV station there, so they have lot better ad revenue due to Ad sales teams they have in their company. Their requirement is high, but that's really worth it, because it's one of the biggest and trusted YT network and sometimes they accept channels with less views then required, mainly it depends on the channel. This networks is really good for them, who wants to get paid via Wester Union or trasnfer money directly to his bank account, because most of youtube networks support only paypal for payments. ZoominTv is definitely one of the best MCN.

Mediacube Network

MediaCube Network Review

Contract Length: No lock-in
Channel Types: All types
Requirements: 10k subscribers
Perks: Epidemic Sound, AudioMicro, VidIQ Pro, Epoxy, Outromaker, Video Claimer & Spreadshirt
Revenue Share: 70-95%
Payment Methods: PayPal, Qiwi Wallet, Payoneer, Dwolla, Yandex Money and ePayments
Min. payout: 1$
Payment Term: NET30
Dashboard Languages: English, Русский, Español, Français, Italiano, Türkçe, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, Deutsch, Català, Lietuvių, Srpski, magyar, বাঙালি, български, العَرَبِية‎, Español-US, Español Mexicano

MediaCube is a new Belarusian based youtube network, that offers pretty good revenue share, no lock-in contract and so many audio, video and channel analysis tools for free. What i really like in this network is multilingual dashboard, which makes this network multinational and it's really awesome. Besides all this positive things, MediaCube offers almost 6 payment options including the world's most popular payment methods. In conclusion, this network deserves to be called one of the best youtube network.

Freedom Network

Freedom! Network Review

Contract Length: No lock-in
Channel Types: All types
Requirements: No Copyright content
Perks: Audio Micro Library, Epidemic Sounds, Epoxy, Spreadshirt discounts, GFX Templates and tons of other sponsorships, Shiny Dashboard with lot of information and tools/guides.
Revenue Share: 60-95%
Payment Methods: PayPal
Min. payout: 0.01$
Payment Term: NET30 or NET60 Dashboard Languages: English, Русский, Español, Português, Dutch, Thai, German, 日本語, 中文

Freedom! network founded on December 1, 2013 and now, it's one of the biggest YouTube multi-channel networks. CEO and Founder of this network has his own YouTube show, called "The George Show", which has been active since the network was founded. This is one of the major reasons for the success of Freedom!. While the network mainly consists of many super small channels, it also has very big ones. Also they offer Dailymotion and Smashcast partnership, so you can earn more with that. They have a pretty decent number of sponsorships and feature benefits for their partners, (I can't even list them all) and ask nothing to get it, that's why Freedom! is a pretty good network. Their lowest requirements give opportunity to very small channels to get into a YouTube network partnership; of course every big channel can join them as well. This is the only network that offers Royalty Free videos and hit movie and AAA game tracks from Position Music; you can just download them from Freedom! dashboard and use as you want. Royalty Free videos are sorted by categories, for ex: sports, entertainment, etc. Also, there are hundreds of GFX templates, you can download and use for free. As for revenue share, it's 60% which is not bad but it's not everything. They are very open to increase your revenue share; it mainly depends on your daily views, so if you think you should have more rev.share just contact their support and ask for it. It should be noted that they have 24/7 support and it's brilliant. In conclusion, Freedom! is one of the best YouTube MCNs you can join, just do not miss the chance to grow faster.

Hashtag Network

Hashtag Network Review

Contract Length: No lock-in
Channel Types: All types
Requirements: 10k views in the last 30 days
Perks: Epoxy, MagicLinks, Epidemic Sound, Spreadshirt, Audio Micro, Detailed Analytics
Revenue Share: 70%+
Payment Methods: PayPal, Wire Transfer, Prepaid Debit Card, eCheck / Local bank transfer
Min. payout: 1$ for Paypal & $50 for eCheck & $100 for Wire Transfer and Prepaid Debit Card
Payment Term: NET45

Hashtag is Youtube Network under reputable brand with pretty decent benefits and revenue share, also they offer so many payment options which is very important for so many creators. As a partner, you can request to get a personal thumbnail set made exclusively for your video series, also you can request personal coach which will help you grow your channel with 1 on 1 session. Where you will be taught how to properly run your YouTube channel, how to get the most out of your videos and how to get more views by getting higher in the search results. If you have multiple channels, you can link multiple accounts under 1 dashboard, this way you'll save money on your payment fees and have a clear overview on all of your channels. They also gives you a platform, where you can manage all of your social media accounts at once, so easily. This network deserves an honorable place in our list.

Zoonix Network

Zoonix Network Review

Contract Length: No lock-in
Channel Types: All types
Requirements: No Requirements, Case by case
Perks: Epidemic Sound, Epoxy, Graphic Design, Spreadshirt discounts.
Revenue Share: 70-95%
Payment Methods: PayPal and Wire Transfer
Min. payout: 0
Payment Term: NET45

Zoonix is one of the best multi-channel network(MCN) on YouTube that offers lots of Apps, Graphic designer team, Detailed statistics etc. Acctualy, They are using Freedom! dashboard, this means that by joining Zoonix, you also get all Freedom! network benefits, only difference is revenue share and payment frequency. So this is one of the best choice to partner with.

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