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Freedom! is one of the biggest Youtube Network(MCN) out there. If you’re a creator with a passion for amazing content, we want you to join us. Partnering up with Freedom! and Reflict together opens the doors to tons more awesome resources geared towards improving your channel and boosting your audience! Freedom can offer you tools, sponsorships and community with thousands of content creators.


Freedom! Network have great opportunities. No network will offer you the same!


We Don't Lock You In, You come and go anytime you want

No minimum payout

If you earn $1, we pay you $1


We support Paypal for payments.

High-Profile Brands

We have the connections others don't. Gain exclusive access to top-level brands & sponsors.

No withholding tax

You earn 100% of everything you make. We pay all PayPal fees - You keep 100% of what you earn - nothing is withheld.

Content ID

We’ll make sure that your original content will be taken care of by monetizing or taking down any copies on YouTube.

Free Music Library

Copyright free music for you to use on your video's. Thousands of songs by some of the greatest artists.

100% Ownership Of Content

Through us you will always keep 100% ownership of all your online media, you don’t sign away any rights with us.

Referral Links

You will automatically be given a Referral link in your Dashboard. Invite friends and get 15% of our revenue.


Reflict Network Creator Dashboard

Clean. Intuitive. Responsive. It’s a work of art.
From the dashboard you will see such things as earning reports, analytics, sponsorships, GFX templates, channel tools, support and much more.

Epidemic Sound and AudioMicro

Gain free access to 150,000+ royalty free stock music tracks, 300,000+ sound effects!

Audiomicro and Epidemic Sound logo on Reflict Network


Connect with your fans no matter where the conversation is happening. Publish to YouTube, Vine, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and more.

Audiomicro and Epidemic Sound logo on Reflict Network


Get free access to an amazing set of productivity, SEO, promotion, and research tools to grow your channel more efficiently.

Get Tubebuddy Free - Reflict Network

Youtube Partnership

We accept all type of content: Gaming, Music, Vlog, Beauty, Comedy..
Youtube Partnership For Everyone!

Keep Control of Your Channel

You own your content, your channel, and your vision 100%. We help you take your creativity
to the next level and build your own media empire on YouTube and beyond.

Big and Small Channels

For us, most important is the quality of your content and not the size of your channel.

Dailymotion & Hitbox Partnership

Dailymotion Partnership Network - MCN - Reflict
Join our Hitbox & Dailymotion Partnership Network program today!
Now you can earn more and stay protected with us!
Work with the Best!

Best Youtube Partnership Network!

33 views a day (1,000 per month), but honestly,
the only real requirement is no copyright content

Alternative Youtube Partnership Network

Alternative Youtube Network

We also offer you other Youtube network, if you want to get paid everyday(NET1) and don't wait 30/45/60 days for payment, check out this amazing network!


Youtube Networks
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Frequently Asked Questions About Youtube
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All questions around Youtube! Which types of work are subject to copyright? Why are my earnings showing as $0? etc.

4 Reasons why you SHOULD join a Youtube MCN
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Pros of Joining a Youtube Network (MCN) - Do I have to join a YouTube Multi-Channel Network?

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