4 Reasons why you SHOULD join a Youtube Network immediately

Youtube Network

What Is A YouTube Network?

MCNs are organizations that partner with YouTube channels to offer services to contracted content creators. These services may include digital rights management, monetization, target audience development, cross-promoting, funding, product development, brand sponsorship collaborations, and additional influencer marketing opportunities.

In the YouTube world, most MCNs are pretty much networks made of multiple channels, and are dedicated to offering assistance/tools to YouTube creators in a variety of channel management areas for a percentage of revenue generated from the creators’ partnered channels. Multi-Channel Networks are focused on providing services to help manage, grow and monetize your YouTube channel, in return for a split of your earnings.

Do I have to join a YouTube Multi-Channel Network?

While it may seem like a lot of creators have partnered their YouTube channels with a MCN, answer is very clear. Most of successful and top YouTubers are in partnership with MCN, meaning they’re associated with a network.

This is a decision that you have to make as a creator, with the future of your channel and its goals being kept in mind. Start by figuring out what you want to accomplish with your YouTube channel in the short and long term. Look at the required contract term, as many YouTube networks may require you to partner for a specific length of time. Generally, it’s best to avoid long term contract lengths.

I’ve heard few bad things about YouTube MCNs. Are they a scam?

Multi-Channel Networks are not in business to scam their partners. They really do want their partnered channels to grow and earn more money. The more their partners earn, the more revenue for the MCN. The goal is a win-win situation for the creator and the network. So, how come people have had bad experiences?

Reason why creators may be un-satified with their MCN is because of their expectations. Joining a Network doesn’t mean that you will get easy or guaranteed results. Even though the Multi-Channel Network will provide you with services, opportunities, and assistance, you still have to put in consistent, hard work to build your YouTube channel’s brand. If you’re interested in a specific MCN, don’t expect them to be a guaranteed way to grow your channel, but as a way to make the process easier. You can read what Youtube Networks can offer you down below.

Pros of Joining a Youtube Network (MCN)

Copyright Claim Protection & Safety
The biggest advantage of joining MCN is receiving copyright claim protection and more safety. To be precise, don’t misunderstand that joining a network gives you the right to ignore YouTube’s Community Guidelines and copyright policies. Yes, the protection of your content may vary, according to the network but the actual rule is that if there are any strikes, the responsibility lies on your network and not on your personal channel. Youtube Network can give you more safety, which means that, there is a MUCH LESS chance of your channel termination then it is with adsense.

Brand Deals
MCNs can connect YouTube channels with companies to negotiate brand deals for influencer marketing. This is especially beneficial for those who aren’t familiar with negotiating financial deals like that, or who just prefer to create the content and have someone manage those deals. These companies have a vested interest in making sure you get paid what you’re worth, especially because they typically get a percentage for negating the deal.

Collaborations with Other YouTubers
Collaborating with other YouTube channels is a great way to grow your own YouTube channel. Many networks have very popular channels in their network, and may offer the chance to collaborate with them.

Payment Methods and Threshold
As you know, adsense payment threshold is a 100$, which means that you can't withdraw your earnings until you accumulate 100$. Well, you may have a very big channel with hundreds and millions of daily views, but keep in mind that Youtube MCNs have a lot more payment methods and mostly, minimum payout is only 1$ or even cents. So you can make sure that, you will get paid every cents that you earn and will not lose anything, even if your channel got terminated.

In conclusion, Youtube Network is much better option to partner with then adsense. These are benefits that you can get from any MCN but it's just a tip of iceberg, there are many more that i can't list here, but you can see my List of Best Youtube Networks and find out more about each MCN.

List of Best Youtube Networks

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Everything about Youtube Networks, Contract Terms, Revenue Shares, Payment Methods and Their Requirements

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